The business

The business through its founder, Henk Bogers, has roots back more than 25 years with experience in special product & system design and development (in photonics as well as mechanical) in non-standard CCTV systems mainly for production and process control from medical to off-shore systems. Today CCTV systems for tunnels is an important part of the business and the company has for example delivered CCTV systems for the three longest tunnels in the Netherlands.

The company is based in Prinsenbeek near Breda in the Netherlands. It has delivered it products and services throughout Europe. It has recently got in equity capital from a Norwegian venture company and is planning to expand its business substantially.

The core of the business is to create “out of the box” solutions for the customers with ability to deliver such solutions quickly. The last 7 years Akkadia are manufacturing its own products. Products manufactured out of marine graded stainless steel, fit for purpose and budget.

The very short lead time from idea to a completely new and working product or system is often a positive surprise for the customers. One of the last designed systems, a vehicle damage recording system, was designed, manufactured and installed in less than five weeks from scratch.

Akkadia has have invested heavily in product development. Especially the knowledge about camera and lens combinations is unique and gives Akkadia the ability to create very effective and affordable solutions for the customers. Akkadia's cameras delivered for tunnels are built to last for 10 years and are delivered with a 5 years guarantee. Most other cameras only last for one year in tunnels with heavy traffic.