Marine Image Recorder

The Akkadia Quantum Marine Image Recorder System is a digital video recording and analyses system that allows the enduser to record data of all connected cameras to the system hard drive(s) with a mirrored copy to a USB drive.
The USB drive can be fitted inside a capsule. When the capsule / EPIRB is recovered the storage of the last recorded events prior tot the release of the capsule can be retrieved (for investigation / insurance purposes).
A 4 GB storage device can record more then 12 hours (IMO regulations) on a 16 camera system.

Product Features
⦁ All cameras are housed in marine graded stainless steel A316L
⦁ Highly sensitive day/night cameras to operate in darkness
⦁ Up to 4 TB of hard disk space
⦁ Optional audio recording
⦁ Fully networked
⦁ Sophisticated compression technique allows long term storage even on USB