Long Range PTZ Camera Heru

Why the name Heru?

The all-seeing eye - because this PTZ camera can house any common zoom lens available in the CCTV industry up to the 55X or 60X zoom lenses. Picture quality over great distances with the clarity and detail of the eye of the falcon.


This camera assembly is specifically designed to deal with long range observation like motor-ways. The standard unit consists of a 10-360 mm non-extended zoom lens, day/night camera, telemetry control receiver with protocol and associated power supplies. Specific details can be obtained over a distance of 500 meters, whereby the total usable range without visual obstruction is between 1.5 and 2 km. All housed in a marine graded stainless steel A316 IP66 unit. The variable high speed stepper motor driven pan & tilt head is designed for smooth operation even when the lens is fully zoomed in. The pan head is a continuous rotation head. The tilt head rotates from +20 to -90 degrees. The accuracy of the unit is 0.029 of a degree per step.

The cameras can be connected to the any DVR or matrix using Pelco-D protocol. Other protocols can be supported on request. Both camera parameters as pan & tilt head setting can be remotely controlled and programmed.
Variable speed, proportional lens control and programmable text are some of the key features of the telemetry receiver. An all-in-one (video + data + telemetry + power) cable cuts the costs of installation drastically.
A C-Mil spec cable and chassis part connects the cable easily to the camera housing. The cable is an overall armoured cable that can be buried without any additional protection.


One of the specials in the Heru-series is the RTD version. RTD stands for Radar Target Designated, which means that the camera can be used in combination with radar systems for ports and airports using Pelco-D extended protocol. Data from the radar system will be send to the camera following the radar-locked objects.