Aker 100 WMB

The Aker 100 Boxed Wall Mount Bracket supports the fixed camera housing of the Aker 100. The bracket has been designed to ease the level of installation and maintenance.

Whenever work has to be carried out at the camera end it’s always a problem to switch off mains or checking signal cables. So with conventional brackets you always have to be at two different places. Switch-off the mains at one end and solve the problem at the camera-end. A time- consuming exercise.

An installation box could be installed at the camera-end, but most costumers don’t want this for cosmetic reasons.

Therefore Akkadia decided to design a bracket which is not just a bracket. The bracket should have multiple purpose. Not only does it need to support the camera, but it should be some kind of installation box.

The bracket facilitates enough space for IP 54 rated boxed such as junction boxes, splice trays and power supplies. As long as components inside the bracket will be installed as modular items all the work can be carried out at the physical camera-end.

As all Akkadia components the bracket has been manufactured in house out of marine graded stainless steel A316-Ti / A316-L to withstand all levels of environmental conditions.