Aker 1000 Tunnel PTZ camera

Why the name of Aker:
Aker is the guardian of the entrance and exit of the underworld. Ancient Egyptian mythologists believed that during the night the sun journeyed through a tunnel that existed in the earth.
Its entry into the tunnel caused the night and its emergence again brought a new day. Each end of this tunnel was guarded by a lion Aker.

The PTZ camera is made out of A316 stainless steel. The total camera rotates within a maximum diameter of 400 millimeters
and has a maximum height of 600 millimeters. The unit is a 360° continuous rotating on the pan and has +20° and -90° on the tilt.
The very compact camera house (290 millimeters in length) accommodates a half inch camera with a 7.5 ~ 120 mm zoom lens if needed supported with a 2x extender to achieve a maximum
focal length of 240 millimeters for a 10% Rotakin at 800 meters. The head travels at a maximum speed of 100° / second. The camera supports a variety of protocols including extended Pelco D.
A special borosilicate glass front provides an exceptional clear picture and a temperature resistance up to 280° C.
The camera is available in wall- and ceiling mount. The ceiling mount camera is available in a hanging or as standing version.
An optional sunshield is available.