Tailormade solutions

for CCTV systems applications

Customers require total solutions in CCTV systems applications but is facing a difficulty in finding one company who provides the total package and takes responsibility over the entire project.

Our tunnel cameras have an exceptional durability and specifically designed for tunnel applications.

Akkadia has delivered the systems for the three longest tunnels in the Netherlands. The Velser tunnel is the oldest motorway-tunnel in Holland. The Velser tunnel is located 25 kilometers northwest of Amsterdam. The Coen tunnel was an old tunnel in the Amsterdam orbital but due to the growth of traffic density the project was extended with an extra tunnel.

The Coen tunnel is famous of the extreme high standards for tunnel safety and has become a model for future tunnels. The King Willem Alexander tunnel is located in Maastricht, in the south of Holland. This projects consist in total of 4 tunnels each with a length of 2.3 km. 2 Tunnels are used for the city of Maastricht and underneath these two another 2 tunnels lead the motorway A2 under the city of Maastricht. Akkadia has built close to 500 cameras for these three tunnel projects which includes also the cameras for the approach roads to the tunnels.

We are known in the industry as a final answer to any unsolved problem

Creating and manufacturing our own products specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirement is one of the things we do extremely well. Our knowledge gave us also the ability to create a solution, to design a product or a total integrated system within a very short period of time. The average R&D time to a solution is about 6 weeks!

All our designs are fit for purpose and famous for their simplicity

You don’t need to be an expert as the units will come completely assembled and set-up. Because of this installation time will be reduced to an absolute minimum, which is also a cost saving aspect. The overall quality and sustainability of our products reduces the Total Cost of Ownership to an unknown low level! The life cycles of our products and systems will exceed everybody’s expectation.

Most of the systems we’ve built were one-off’s so it had to be right from the start

In the early days it was common practice as the system integrator was used to work as a total solution provider. That’s where we started to build our knowledge. Supporting customers in the field as R&D people, handling their problems as if it was our own gave us an incomparable level of knowledge and therefore a rather unique position in the industry till this very day.